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Having processed almost 10 million herbarium sheets today, Picturae has approximately doubled the number of herbarium sheet images available world-wide in 3 years time, and we are ready for the challenge ahead! It’s estimated there are well over 350 million herbarium sheets in the world and that number is growing by the day. We are determined to see it all digitized in our lifetime, how about you?


Our Solution

Picturae is probably the most innovative company in the world of digitization unique cultural heritage objects and delicate natural history specimen.

Trough the years we have developed several methods, software and workflows to ensure the best possible product for our clients. Due to the relative uniform herbarium sheet collections we have been able to develop our state-of-the-art conveyor belt solution.

Our herbarium conveyer belt operates completely mechanically, controlled by our own software. Therefore the image capturing process has become completely automated. Staff can solely focus on carefully handling the specimen, barcoding and repacking the sheets after processing. Each image will be validated according the required quality standard and errors are automatically detected before it reaches the conveyor belt’s end. With imaging speeds up to 6000 specimens a day, an average of only three staff members are needed. This makes the Picturae herbarium conveyor belt the ideal solution for biodiversity and botanical (research) institutes.

Our solution focuses on meeting and applying the seven project objectives: quickest processes, optimal safety in handling original specimens, highest quality standard for reproductions, atomization of our processes, validation of the output, minimizing error correction processes and best aid with big data.

Imaging of specimen

Specially engineered lighting gives a perfect 3D-like image. High grade lenses capture the finest specimen details in resolutions up to 600ppi.

Transcription of labels

Perfectly reliable due to our experience with millions of specimen labels, following proven protocols with use of historic information and look-up tables like the Plant List.

Mounting of specimen

Extremely accurate, professional and quick: our craftsmen secure your specimen and labels for the far future. And like all our services: anywhere in the world.

Logistics & desinsectisation

Moving delicate specimen in big quantities requires skill, structure and oversight. Insurance, regulations, weather and bugs all need to be dealt with properly.  

Presentation & collection management

Online, open source, exchange, archival standards, crowd sourcing, responsive design, use friendliness, merging databases, flexible, scalable: what can we help you with?

Data storage & hosting

Our systems serve over 50 million images from 2PB of secured data through industry grade search technology. Ready for both the botanist in the field and Big Data analysis at the office.



Picturae has created a special digitisation system to digitise herbarium sheets.

1 Preparation

  • Selection boxes
  • Extract vapour
  • Apply box barcode
  • Apply cover barcode

2 Place material on conveyor belt

  • Spread on the conveyor belt
  • Multisheet token
  • Straighten
  • Apply sheet barcode

3 Digitizing

  • Read barcode
  • Multisheet yes/no
  • Apply ICC profile
  • Readout color
  • Readout sharpness
  • Feedback > retake

4 Processing

  • Rotating
  • Cropping
  • Readout target
  • Multisheet colorcode
  • Merge metadata to CSV file format
  • Save deliverables

5 Metadata entry

  • Cover & label description
  • Look-up lists
  • Linking to databases
  • Multisheet processing

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